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Eric Plebani is a self taught mechanic/fabricator/tuner who has an art background with an Associates Degree in Computer Design and Animation. His passion was with cars so he ditched his internship that was leading to a cubical career and pursued the car thing.  He remembers reading car magazines and said to himself “one day I want to be in these magazines”.

Using his creative talents and some wits he was able to conjure up and put to use some successful combinations in the automotive/racing world.

For example, he combined the RWD Platform of the Chrysler Conquest/Mitsubishi Starion with the bulletproof 4G63 Mitsubishi turbo 2.0 engine hooked to a powerglide that ran 9.5’s back in 2000.

Another example was Mightymax pickup that he also dropped a turbo Mitsubishi 2.0 into…this thing was a sleeper!

Then ultimately combining the legendary Porsche 911 rear engine chassis and Porsche drivetrain to the high revving bullet proof 4G63 Mitsubishi turbo engine.

Eventually this landed him a gig at WORLD Racing, helping build some unique race cars way ahead of their time.

Today he builds custom cars and has clients from all over the country. Being a custom car builder in today’s day and age requires a bit of creativity to stand out in the crowd and it crosses over into his daily personal life, mostly everything he owns gets modified in some way shape or form. He really can’t leave ANYTHING alone!

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